FN-DECO Media Stencil no.036 - Mandala dotting stencil

1 280 Ft
Tax included

Plastic stencil - 14,5x14,5 cm


Plastic stencil for decorative work.

The stencil material is 0.2 mm thick, flexible, transparent plastic. Suitable for making motives.

How to use mandala stencil?

- Place your mandala stencil over the surface you want to paint.

- Hold the stencil securely with one hand while tracing with a white charcoal pencil.

- Flip the stencil over and line up the registration mark in the center. Trace again.

- After all lines are drawn, dot your mandala over the charcoal lines.

- Dry your dot mandala masterpiece fully and then simply wash away white charcoal lines from surface with water.


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