Glass eching paste, 50 ml

Pentart Glass etching paste, 50 ml

2 290 Ft
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A creamy paste used for etching glass surfaces. It has a strong etching effect.


Apply simply to the surface, let it react for at least 15 minutes, then rinse off with water. It will create a matte, smooth layer on the glass, which can be painted or decorated further. Glass etching is a result of a chemical reaction, it cannot be removed anymore. How to use: Prepare the working area, cover it with paper. Clean the glass surface with water or alcohol. Do not use glass cleaning spray. Before we start to work with the Glass Etching Paste, put on the enclosed gloves, and stir the paste thoroughly. Apply the paste to the surface in an even layer by a brush, sponge brush or a plastic spatula. Perfect for stencil technique, it is recommended to choose either a self-adhesive stencils or apply a repositionable spray glue at the back of the stencil. The paste can also be filled into a plastic tube that has an applicator, so we can use it for writing or drawing. Leave the paste on the surface for at least 15 minutes to react and then rinse off with water. Do not remove the stencil, only after rinsing off the paste. Wash all the tools used immediately! Keep the paste at room temperature. At a low temperature the paste may crystalize, but it will not lose its ability to react. In such case, put the closed container into warm water, wait until crystals melt, then stir the paste thoroughly. During long time storage, the paste may get thicker. Do not dilute it with water or any other material as it will lose its ability to react! The Glass Etching Paste can be neutralized by using baking soda (sodium hydrocarbonate).


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